Technogen Cyber Security Zero Trust Architecture

Zero Trust is a paradigm that moves a static network-based perimeter to users, assets, and resources. The Zero Trust Architecture include the planning activities to protect the enterprise perimeters of organizations. We will assess and plan an organization’s zero trust requirements in accordance with the National Institute of Standards and Technology provide framework for Zero trust in the Special Publication 800-207.

Enterprise Cyber Security

The TechnoGen Cyber Security approach to Enterprise Cyber Security is primarily based upon NIST SP 800-207 Zero Trust Architecture. This Zero Trust model is known as ZT and has resulted in an architecture primarily focused on data and service protection including all enterprise assets including devices, infrastructure components, applications, virtual and cloud components, end users, applications and more.

Zero Trust security models assume that an attacker is present in the environment and that an enterprise-owned environment is no more trustworthy than any other environment. TechnoGen Cyber Security provides clients with a Zero Trust Architecture (ZTA) for enterprise cybersecurity, that is based on zero trust principles and designed to identify and prevent data breaches, limit internal lateral movement and mitigate vulnerabilities.

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